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how do you pronounce your name again?

BĀkT is the phonetic spelling of the word 'baked'.

super simple and easy to remember!

why do we have to pre order?

the last thing we would want to gift you is an old, stale, BĀkT good.

so we like to bake everything to order; 
always fresh, always delicious, and always the day of your order!

this buffer gives us ample time to bake, pack & deliver your gifts in a timely fashion!

what's the good word with these infused BĀkT cakes?

oh, im glad you asked!

our BĀkT cakes are available by preorder only and must be ordered a MINIMUM of 48 hours in advance. you will receive a confirmation from us via text once your order is
processed and must then submit a 50% deposit to complete your order.

your deposit is fully refundable, if cancelled within 24 hours of delivery date.

what are your hours of operation?

we are currently open 4 days a week //
ednesday through saturday 4:30 - 8:30pm

we operate by pre-order only so lock in that order at least 2 hours in advance!

what's your delivery range? is there a delivery fee ? 

at the moment, we are here to serve the entire district! as long as you find yourselves within DC proper we'd be happy to slide your way.

we only service the district of columbia.

no deliveries to m
aryland & virginia.

second, to qualify for delivery you must meet the order minimum of $60.00

by having these parameters in place, we will be able to better serve you, in each & every quadrant of the district!


what's your cancellation policy?

again, we understand things happen and we're great at communicating so just give us a heads up!

we will almost always be able to 
accommodate you at a different delivery time on the same day if that works best for you. 

if you absolutely do need to cancel though, please be aware that all orders must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to delivery time or you will be subject to pay full price minus the delivery fee, if any.

we are always here to try and make it work for you so just drop us a line, and we'll do our best, but please do understand that we bake everything to order - so a last minute cancellation just means tasty treats in the trash and nobody wants that!

oh no, I'm running late! is that ok?!


we absolutely understand that things happen and life throws us a curveball when we least expect it.

just shoot us a text or e-mail as far in advance as possible to avoid delaying other people from getting their
BĀkT goods on time! 

this applies to both pick up and deliveries!

did we miss something?

reach out to us by email anytime @ and we'll be happy to help you out with any questions or concerns!

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